Senin, 27 Juni 2011



...with her dog Bali and bugi and her friends, who were always away...
...The adored brat of my childhood. A little punk kid....
...Sid Vicious, spewing beer from his teeth in the Chelsea Hotel.
...Andy Warhol, his sunglasses....

cycle trigger presents:
lil' brats

mini cycle project for my baby bev..

- city cruiser frame 20, 1980 "phoenix cycles" china cycles.
- sisy bar custom handmade.
- sadel custom handmade.

Thank you Jesus Christ for beautiful inspiration, my lovely wife and my daughter Bev..

Senin, 06 Juni 2011

No 13, the SHARKY BANDITS by cycletrigger

Terima kasih Tuhan Yesus atas sepeda yg baru selesai di Custom ini, biar sepeda ini jadi berkatjuga buat saya dan orang lain..Amiiinn..

Cycletrigger presents :

"The Sharky Bandits of Jaws, a vulture's wings,
The rabid bite of the dog's of war,
The voice of one who went before.
But most of all the mirror's gaze,
which counts us out our numbered days"

basic :
- Federal cycle the first edition 1981, the japanesse production, this cycle is first mountain bike model in Indonesia & booming in this country
- Internal Gear Shimano 3CC, 3Speed Coaster Brake
- united BMX handle bar
- CST wheel, white wall 26x2.125
- crank shimano Biopace-SG
- front hub shimano

info or custom or repair please Inbox me or call me 08170734300 hahayy..