Selasa, 15 Juni 2010


Terima kasihh Tuhan Yesus saya bisa punya motor baru, itu semua karena kebesaran Mu...

ULAH ADIGUNG adalah salah satu project motor kawasaki KZ-200,1982 dari mototriger. Motor ini g kasi nama ULAH ADIGUNG karena terinspirasi dari Bokap (Tommy Manoch), Bokap menulis dengan cat di motor balap nya Honda CB 250cc sebelum be...liau turun balap di
"GRAND PRIX INDONESIA" tahun 1963 di lapangan udara Curug, yang artinya jangan belagu / jangan sombong.
Beliau merebut peringkat pertama di kelas 250cc dan di kelas 350cc sebagai pembalap termuda....
Yeeaaahhh im proud of you Dad..

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  1. Very nice execution of this build. I like it a lot, very tasetful. Congratulations. (wish I could read the Indonesian text)

  2. Nice bike bor..i like story behind the name of this bike..
    and I am also proud (for your dad).. not many Indonesian people are able to do much like him...

  3. thanx guys, im glad you like my bike..
    you can check the english version at
    So have a great day everyone..
    Thanks a bunch..

  4. Must say... hat off. Excellent work and overall design! I'm starting similar DIY project with z 250 so I have a couple of questions if I may. ;) Which tires are these ? What were the modifications (major ones) on the frame? Front forks are still original or are they widened? Thnx for now :) Best regards Jure, Slovenia.

  5. Sorry for late reply..
    Anyway about the tires, I used swallow local tyres brand, enduro type 120-70-17.. and for the frame I just cut off in the back side..
    I used original front forks with out widened it.
    Thank you for your post by the way. I hope I wouldn't be late to give you these information before your bike is done :))
    Can I get the photos of your bike when its done? thanks before..
    Best regards Paper Trigger, Indonesia.

  6. great job !!!

  7. Fantastic Bike! I received your e-mail. Hope you don't mind my posting it on my blog.

    Steve Ducharme
    Motorcycle Picture Of the Day.

  8. Administrador thank you..

    Thank you Steve, my pleasure if you posting it on your blog..

    Thanks guys..

  9. nice kid, nice bike and nice story. Someday, i will change my KZ like this. Simple and full of character...

  10. Could you possibly do a list of what parts you used? wheels, tires, fuel tank, carb air filter, seat, the battery box...what does it look like on the other side? Thank you very much!
    Here is my email

  11. you can also drop the link into google translate for this page and click on the link in the translate box to open in english.