Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

The Needle by Shinya Kimura's

"The Needle" 1957 Triumph 650 by Shinya Kimura's...
When Shinya Kimura makes things, it's the pure inspiration that comes first and foremost. Millions of bikers stood up and took interest when he was the man designing and building the Zero bikes. Now that he has launched Chabott Engineering he is back to basics making custom bikes with a flair all his own.

The Needle is Shinya's two-wheeled case study wrapped around a '57 650cc Triumph engine. It's stripped to the hilt style shows what can be done when the chopper rulebook is burned at the stake.

"If I had to focus on cornering, then The Needle would be a different design. I know how motorcycle work, so I would say The Needle was the one to satisfy my curiosity of straight-line speed trials design and led me to the next level"

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