Jumat, 08 April 2011

STACIA_Happy Amazon of the Cosmic Trailways

Hawkwind will be remembered as the pioneers of space rock music in the early 70′s but curiously they also pioneered the nudity on stage when they added an exuberant dancer called Stacia to their shows.

"So there I was on the planet Saturn, dancing naked with my body painted, and this weird craft loaded with strange degenerates landed near me and the next thing I knew I was on stage at Glastonbury."

‘People watching did not regard it as a sexual thing. Hawkwind don’t attract that type of audience. They reacted to my dancing as an expression of freedom… Somebody once approached me to do a pornographic film – I reacted quite violently – not physically, but verbally. I would never contemplate anything like that’

This was a big deception for Stacia, she just had a different conception about her art: ‘My dancing is an expression of what I feel about the music. The Japanese do it – it’s a form of expression and miming. Most men look upon me as a sexual challenge, especially in the States where, to my mind, the only real groupies exist.’

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