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Villa at Amundön by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor

'villa at amundon' by swedish practice wingårdh arkitektkontor is a two-storey residence by the sea in brottkärr, gothenburg, sweden. special in its proximity to the water, the design utilizes the conditions of the site to incorporate the surrounding landscape into the interior as well as the experience of the approach.

naturally framed by two large rocks, the entrance is distinguished by a quiet and closed quality which is contrasted by the expansive openness of the sea. the driveway, a design component that is often overlooked, is given careful consideration as an integral element of the house.
the entrance is gently funnels into the valley of the slight, v-shaped plan and directs views directly through the house to the seafront. by placing the central circulation - a 'staircase hall' - in axis with the entrance, the impact of the landscape is maintained from arrival through a seven meter-high window. a pool, visible from the spinal line, reflects the converging sides of the staircase hall.

built on a slight slope, the main entrance and driveway is hosted on the upper level.
the majority of the interior follows the form of the topography to open up towards the west on a lower storey. the atmospheric contrast of a 'closed' front and an 'open back is amplified by the use of floor-to-ceiling glazings that face the sea. as a result, a living space is created that is directly in dialogue with the elements of the exterior.
a covered outdoor space that lines the outline of the 'v' form further extends this relationship

source : designboom

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