Senin, 09 Mei 2011


Following the success of the first Daydreaming with.... exhibition, staged at London's Haunch of Venison gallery last summer, James Lavelle is returning with a new show at St Michael's Church in Camden, London from April 27. The exhibition will feature film works by Doug Foster and Jonathan Glazer, with music from UNKLE and Simon Fisher Turner.

The second Daydreaming with... show is curated by Lavelle in association with the Gaymers Camden Crawl, and will feature video installations from Foster and Glazer. Foster's work, The Heretics' Gate (image shown above, and clip below), takes its inspiration from Dante's Inferno, while Glazer is showing Red Clay, which was previously shown in the Haunch of Venison exhibition but has been reconfigured in response to the architecture at St Michael's Church.

The Heretics' Gate from Daydreaming with... on Vimeo.

source : creativereview

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