Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

“The King of Limbs” Newspaper Album Packaging by Stanley Donwood x Radiohead

There was a big buzz a few months back when Oxford, England supergroup Radiohead announced their 8th LP, The King of Limbs. The music portion was exciting, but for we art and design nerds, it was the Stanley Donwood and Radiohead special "Newspaper Album" packaging that was slated for release June 1, 2011.

Showing all the goodies and extra art that comes along with The King of Limbs' Newspaper Edition and contributions from Stanley Donwood. "The artwork is designed in the guise of a Sunday newspaper, complete with plastic packaging printed with the album name and imagery. It contains two 10-inch clear vinyl records in a sleeve, a CD of the album, a perforated blotting-sheet artwork, and a newspaper containing art and texts by Donwood.”

Not every band can offer such a package, or afford to get such package printed, but when you have the resources that Radiohead has, it is nice to see extra touches and additions that make an album feel important and an event in an era of non-events.

source : juxtapoz

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